Cuba Customs Ratifies Zero Tolerance with Drugs

‘In Cuba, there is no trafficking or consumption of drugs, our policy is to be a wall in confronting the scourge,’ he told Prensa Latina at the institution’s headquarters in this capital, during a meeting with journalists.

According to Pérez, up to May of the current year, nine attempts to introduce drugs to the island were frustrated, and more than five kilograms and 84 capsules were confiscated, mainly cocaine.

Last year, the AGR intercepted 39 traffic operations at the border crossings, with a total of 57 kilograms of narcotics seized.

Regarding cases of consumption, so far in 2018, they amounted to 25, while in 2017 they reached 57, although the procedure for those involved in these events is administrative (warnings and fines), unlike the strong penalties that face in the courts the guilty of drug trafficking.